Saturday, June 27, 2020

A thrilling story part 7

“Don’t tell them you can see”

As I entered my office I saw Erick’s silhouette. I found a switch and turned on the light. Now I could see him clearly. He hasn’t changed even a bit and what is surprising he could see. I didn’t say a word, waiting for him to start talking. “I know you’ve been wondering why all of that happened”. He paused for a couple of seconds. “And I’ve got to tell you I don’t know either. I can only see because of my grandmother who is behind all of this”. He explained. I found this funny because it didn’t tell me a lot. Actually it told me nothing. My hatred towards him was enough for me to ignore this and get out of the office and the whole building. I had to tell everyone that I can see and that I know who is behind this. But my plan didn’t go well as I saw Erick coming closer so I just whispered “The world will know. I won’t let you win”.
He just looked at me and horrible pain from before came back. As I opened my eyes I wasn’t able to see again.
“You know I’ll win” he said.
“And you know I’ll fight”. 



Sunday, June 21, 2020

A thrilling story part 6

“Don’t tell them you can see”
People get on with it pretty good. I didn’t get used to it and I don’t think I ever will. I work in an office. Some people say that this is a big step for human kind. It challenge us people to try and find ways of simpler life without eyesight. I don’t agree with that but it is just my opinion.
As I took elevator I heard some people in there including one of my coworkers. I greeted them and because I was heading to the top of the building I was left there alone. Suddenly I felt unbearable pain in my head. I closed my eyes, hoping that this would soothe the pain. But when it went away the elevator stopped at my floor and I opened my eyes. “I can see” I whispered shocked. “I can see!” I repeated but this time louder. I was so surprised that when I got out of the elevator I didn’t realize it was dark. The only light was coming from the writings on every possible wall saying “Don’t tell them you can see”. I couldn’t believe this. Am I the only one that can see? I went straight to the conference room knowing there are people. But as I entered everybody looked in different directions. Some of them heard the door opening beside them so now they were looking at the wall. Some of them heard correctly and was looking at me. “Who is this?” One of the guys asked me. I ignored the question and asked myself “Can you see me?” but nobody nodded. I laughed nervously remembering the writing on the walls so I just said that it was just not funny joke and left room.

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K. S.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

A thrilling story part 5

“Don’t tell them you can see”

I returned to my parents but didn’t say a word about what happened just few minutes ago. Some people told us we should rest for a little bit, because with all these events all of us must be tired. I looked at a big screen in the middle of the hall which showed warning not to look at the moon and also the time. It was 10 o’clock in the morning and pitch black outside. We were given room to sleep for some time but before, we were also told not to panic and if they will know something they will tell us. We unpacked despite not having a lot of stuff because mostly it was just food. I didn’t bother to take a shower or even change to pajamas. I went straight to sleep.
I didn’t know how much I’ve been sleeping but when I woke up I couldn’t see. My eyesight was gone. I stared yelling terrified while crying. I heard my mom somewhere saying she and dad couldn’t see either and that I should calm down.
Six months passed since this incident. ‘The Great Blinding’ took a place as the crazy lady predicted. Now she isn’t crazy anymore, she was right. I don’t know exactly how the world looks, if it is still dark as night or if the blindness was caused by the moon. But the truth is nobody knew.  I haven’t heard a thing from Erick since that night. But as I lost my eyesight I connected the dots. He knew exactly what was going to happen and he was patiently waiting for this moment. This is why I didn’t know much about him he was hiding a lot of secrets. That was the time I also realized how Erick have similar features as the ‘crazy lady’. Even habits that I can recall are the same. This has to be his grandmother.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> to be continued...
K. S.

Sunday, May 24, 2020

A thrilling story part 4

“Don’t tell them you can see”

After three hours we stopped at the petrol station, so we could look around and ask for some information. However we could find no one. Suddenly I got a call from Erick. He was out of breath but still managed to tell me we should drive to the Culver City where as some people say it is a ‘hope’ place. So we did as we were told and after some time we arrived there. It looked pretty normal; the only thing was that I could see the scared and clueless looks in people’s eyes who were gathered there.
I noticed Erick. He was in his tracksuit that I could recognize from far away. I immediately ran to him and asked what was going on. He said it all have connection with the lady predicting again ‘The Great Blinding’. “I don’t know about you but for me it is hard to believe all this things”. He just agreed with me and pulled me somewhere. I left my parents but I hoped they would know what to do. Suddenly Erick turned around and looked at me. His eyes were saying sorry but I didn’t have time to ask anything as he pulled my head which caused me looking at the moon. Even though I felt nothing I was mad and asked why he would do that. But I was too late. He ran away and wasn’t able to catch him.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> to be continued.

Friday, May 15, 2020

A thrilling story part 3

“Don’t tell them you can see”

When I was dressed I went downstairs where I found my parents fully ready. Funny because I literally didn’t know where we were going at I believe 3 o’clock in the morning. We rushed to the garage where our car was with early warning not to look at the moon. When I went outside the neighborhood looked peaceful and normal as always. As I was looking around I could see the moon in the corners of my eyes. It was nothing unusually but because I was scared I didn’t dare to look at it directly. When I sat comfortably in the car I tried to reach out to Erick. Unfortunately he didn’t answer. I couldn’t blame him though, it was the middle of the night or that is what I thought. Throughout the whole ride I didn’t ask any questions I just sat there looking through the window at passing view. “I can’t believe, everything is covered in snow. Just 12 hours ago it was warm and sunny”.
“Darling” my mom turned to me form the front seat. “A couple months ago the news were talking about nothing else but the lady who predicted a catastrophe”. I laughed a little “Yeah this crazy old woman. Who on earth would believe her?!” I said as I judged my mom because the look on her face was telling me that she somehow believed her. “Honey could you take it seriously if you don’t believe me or her than how can you explain snow in the summer?” That is right, she had a point. No matter how I tried to explain this, every possibility was just ridiculous. She told me that this crazy lady was telling about the moon shining so bright that it was going to cause so called ‘The Great Blinding’. What nonsense.

>>>>>>>>to be continued

K. S.

Monday, May 11, 2020

A thrilling story part 2

“Don’t tell them you can see”.

(...) I woke up in the middle of the night. It was so hot that I had to open the window. As I did that, cold air entered my room and I felt sleepy again. Unfortunately I woke up again but this time it was my phone’s fault. It had been ringing all time. Notification after notification. I reached to my nightstand and grabbed it checking what is going on. Suddenly I realized it has got colder outside because I was freezing cold. I opened my eyes for the first time since I woke up only to realize there was snow all over my room. With the shock I got up and uttered simple “What”. We were in the middle of July and there is snow in my room “How is that possible” I thought as I took my phone to check what was happening.  All of my massages were short. Just “Don’t look at the moon”.  I scrolled down. All the same. Suddenly I got a new massage with content saying “It is beautiful night tonight. Look outside”. As I read that I didn’t have time to think as my dad slammed through the door saying “It’s time. We should go”. I had no idea what was going on, I was terrified. “Put some warm clothes and go downstairs. There is no time for questions so do what I’m telling you and most important, don’t look at the moon”. I trusted him so I opened my closet looking for winter clothes as my father was closing the window and pulling curtains over them. 

>>>>>>>>>>>To be continued...


Thursday, April 23, 2020

A thrilling story part 1

“Don’t tell them you can see”

“You know I’ll win”. I said.
“And you know I’ll fight”. He responded to me while throwing sheets over me and running away. I acted immediately and started chasing my best friend. ‘Tagpok’ was our little game we would play every day just for fun.
I have known Erick for almost four years. We met on a beach 20 minutes form my house, where he asked me for help. Since then he is my best friend and the best dork I have ever known. His sense of humor is truly incomparable.
“I knew he would run away there”. I told to myself as I saw him hiding behind one of the tree in our so called forest. My mom would always laugh at me saying that there are fewer trees then in our garden. I tapped Erick on the shoulder scaring him so much that he shouted a very loud “Oh my God”. I gave him a big smile and said how predictable he was. Erick proposed to sit on our bench that we made long time ago. We were so tired. Even though we were almost seventeen this game will never get boring.  I assumed we’ve been talking for a long time because it starting to get dark. It was middle of the summer so I thought it is probably already 9 o’clock at night. But when I looked at my phone I got confused. It was just 5:30, which it couldn’t be that dark at this hour. I turned to my friend and showed him what time it is, while asking why it is so dark at such hour. However he looked in my eyes smiled and then again focused his gaze on the view. This is the thing I always wonder about him. Why he is so mysterious. Everyone knows he is a private person and I am glad to admit that I am the only one that knows a lot about him. But I just ignored that and said we should better be going. When I got home I told my mom quick hi and went upstairs to my room. It was getting darker and darker which caused my mood to change and I felt very sleepy. That is why I decided to go to sleep because not only I was extremely tired but I had school tomorrow.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>to be continued...